Meet the 2019 team

Linna He



Hi everyone, I am currently in fourth year studying mechatronic & biomedical engineering! I've been with SOMI for about two years now and it has given me the opportunity to grow and develop professionally. My favourite part is meeting other students who are passionate about the medtech startup field and working with a fun team! I love the energy that this society has given me. My hobbies include travelling, learning how to cook and watching videos on electronics. 

Thomas Young


Arc Delegate

Hey everyone! I’m Thomas the Arc Delegate for the Society Of Medical Innovation. I am currently an Economics/Science student with majors in Economics/Anatomy/Pathology. I have been with SOMI for the better part of 2 years and the experience so far has been indescribable. 

As someone who personally wants to go into the field of medical research, SOMI is a cause that sits close to my heat! Being part of a hard-working and friendly team has provided many valuable opportunities that I still cherish to this very day. 

"Never stop learning; never stop asking questions; and never forget that medicine is an art as well as a science practiced by doctors and researchers who bring to the bedside not only technology and training, but also their humanity, caring, and concern." - Margaret A. Hamburg

Alizeh Jamal


Marketing Subcommittee 

Hello, I am a 1st year student studying a Bachelor of Science majoring in Microbiology. I have recently joined SOMI because I really wanted to be part of a society that valued medical innovation. I look forward to the opportunities that will help me learn and grow with my fellow peers. My hobbies include singing, reading, playing tennis and watching TV shows. 

Angela Lin


 IT & Media Director 

Hello I am a 4th year student studying Bioinformatics Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. I have been part of SOMI for about half a year now. I am interested in agriculture and genomics. If you wanna meet me come to the study lounge at the library to find me crying. 

Alexis Joel Schteinman


 Industry Director 

I’m a current 4th year civil engineering and materials science student. I first discovered SOMI during the 2018 Meet the Startups event. I enjoyed it so much, that this prompted me to join SOMI and take on a bigger role in planning the 2019 Meet the Startups event (and more)! My favourite part about SOMI is the comradery within the team. My hobbies include traveling, reading and technology.